About Us
Our Mission
To provide the most secure environments

We’ve tried to stay true to our core beliefs – Security – to deliver an exceptional experience for our community and subscribers. At Saferwall, we all come to work every day passionate by really efficient processes in order to solve the biggest problems in Cybersecurity. We have combined all of our creative backgrounds to create a safe environment for your specific needs.

Companies know what to protect but don’t know how to stay a step ahead in IT Security. For governments, the focus now is securing sensitive data, and protecting networks from breaches. Therefore, Saferwall offers an everyday solution in cybersecurity to overcome a big obstacle to long-awaited digital transformation. And this is our primary concern.

At Saferwall we protect every home user’s personal data from malicious software and we offer the ultimate protection experience to feel safe.

Cyber security is the most talked about topic in technology today due to the announcement of a number of high profile hacks. And our mission at Saferwall is to make the cyber Security more transparent as we understand the challenges and complexities of the environments.

We all know that existing solutions were falling short, unable to catch up with the latest threats in Cybersecurity, that’s why today we provide the most actionable products to deliver the best security where and when you need it.