File 9c9b237462dcdc1b6f210280b44c9efedd34065f12a342c8fcf3a2eea65f18da PE (Portable Executable)

Dos Header

Member Value Comment
Address of new exe header 0x118
Address of relocation table 0x40
Bytes on last page of file 0x90
Checksum 0x0
Initial cs 0x0
Initial ip 0x0
Initial sp 0xb8
Initial ss 0x0
Magic 0x5a4d
Max extra paragraphs needed 0xffff
Min extra paragraphs needed 0x0
Oem identifier 0x0
Oem information 0x0
Overlay number 0x0
Pages in file 0x3
Relocations 0x0
Reserved words 1 0,0,0,0
Reserved words 2 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
Size of header 0x4